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this good friday

Your Halloween Wh-res & Princess & P-rnstars crew proudly present one BIG new Good Friday experience with heart...

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3pm-10pm, Good Friday 19 April
3 Floors, 7 DJ's, 1 Sexy Event!
Universal Sydney, Darlinghurst

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We’re pumped to be serving up some hot sexy LOVE across ALL 3 LEVELS of Oxford St's new megaclub, the newly refurbished Universal Sydney (formerly The Midnight Shift)... complete with their pimped up laser, lighting & sound rig plus super friendly bar & security staff.

We’ll also be adding xtra FX, custom visuals & white hot shows to truly bring home the LOVE for you on the night!


Guided by these LOVEd Sydney club masters, across 2 pumpin' dance floors, ready to blow you away with off the hook club remixes, classics, builds & drops;

Upstairs: Club House

DJ Dom de Sousa DJ James Alexandr DJ Nate DJ Sveta

Downstairs: Classic House

DJ Alex Taylor DJ Chip DJ Nate


LOVE is our very own sexy queer sanctuary, where all our fun LGBTQI+friends can come together to celebrate what unites us all… our LOVE for a good time, sweaty dance floor rituals, and our LOVE for heart-pumpin uplifting uninhibited house music.


This house of LOVE welcomes all styles. From staying casual, to getting creative and wearing whatever style you LOVE... Sporty LOVE, Glamour LOVE, Leather LOVE, Glitter LOVE, Neon LOVE, Kinky LOVE, Festival LOVE, Cheeky LOVE (our former theme)... it's up to you, as long as you leave your judgement at the door and have your bits covered ;)


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We look forward to seeing all you lovers on the dance floor!

Team 4the.love xx

Our previous version of this event playfully nodded to religious cues. In light of the current political/media landscape, we decided to shift away from this to instead celebrate what unites all our followers... LOVE!
As with any licensed venue, management reserve the right to refuse entry and valid photo ID is required. Responsible Service of Alcohol will be in action. The lineup is subject to change without notice. As always, we 'expect respect' from our guests... for each other, our venue, our event and the law.

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so, what about us?

We love a good party... so thought, why not throw a few!

For over 10 years, our creative crew have been bringing to life ideas, experience & events across Sydney, Australia 4the.love of it. Starting way back in the day with our themed Princess & P-rnstars parties, the Summer LOVE series, our Xmas themed event Naughty or Nice and the now infamous fangtastic annual event Halloween Wh-res.

What drives every gig is our passion for creating fun & unique experiences for the enjoyment of others.

who's welcome?

We attract a diverse LGBTQI+H friendly crowd (the H is for heterosexual btw)... as long as you’re fun, respect each other and are up for a good time… you’ll have one!

expect respect

To keep our events safe, super inclusive and diverse, we have a strict no d*ckhead policy. That means leaving your judgements at the door and not doing anything stupid or illegal that may put you, others or our events at risk.

Always respect our guests, venues, staff, brand and most importantly yourself. Anyone demonstrating otherwise will not be welcome to immediate or future events.

want to hear more?

To help keep our crowd friendly and like-minded, we don't advertise our events in mainstream media, instead relying on word of mouth, our members list, our social media page/events and this website to spread the love. If our events sound like something you’d be interested in, feel free to join our members list or like our facebook page or follow us on instagram to be kept in the loop.

Team 4the.love

Polaroids of previous 4the.love event artwork

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past events

Naughty or Nice '18'

Saturday Dec 15, 2018 | 8pm-4am
Kings Cross Hotel, Potts Point

Back to help our crew stuff their stocking with some end of year festive cheer for our very own big queer family Xmas!

Across 3 floors of joy we birthed heavenly surprises all night, unwrapped these gifted DJ's: Amanda Louise, Colin Gaff, Dom de Sousa, GI Jode, James Alexandr, Joelby and Nate... plus Naughty or Nice Santa photos with all proceeds going to Beyond Blue.

While this wasn't officially a dress up event, many got their Ho Ho Ho on bringing some sexy festive cheer ✨

Check out the pics from one of our fav photographers at Deep Field Photography.

Naughty or Nice 2018 Event Key Art by 4the.love

Halloween Wh-res '18

Saturday Oct 27, 2018 | 8pm-3am
The Metro Theatre, Sydney

We conjoured up 4 blood pumpin’ dance floors for our full house of ghouls, including 'In Too Deep', 'The Rocky Horror Preacher Show', Alice in Wh*reland' and our 'Carney Clown Crapper'. Plus gigantuous laser & video production, hideously epic shows & surprises, one whortastic costume competition and Sydney's most fun queerlicious dress-up crowd.

Our killer DJ lineup didn't disappoint, including DJ's Alex Taylor, Amanda Louise, Beth Yen, Colin Gaff, Dan Murphy, Dom de Sousa, GI Jode, Hayley Maree, James Alexandr, Jason Barry, Joelby, Nate, Nell'ee Maydit and the legendary Sveta.

Congratulations to our costume competition winners and to all our critters who brought their fun friendly spirit & incredible costume creativity! Seeing your efforts made it all worthwhile :)

Check out the pics from our friends at Deep Field Photography, Markham Images, or check out the fun in our Photobooth.

Halloween Wh-res 2018 Event Key Art by 4the.love

Princess & P-rnstars '18

Saturday Jul 7, 2018 | 9pm-late
The Kings Cross Hotel, Potts Point

Back by popular demand, this cheeky costume event returned for one sexy mid winter warmer. Spread eagle across 3 throbbing levels, from our velvet red P*rnstar Parlour complete with faux film sets, to our Dominatrix Dungeon offering a lashing of dark'n'dirty disko beats, to our rooftop fairy garden.

Our sexy crowd was lubricated by Sydney best, including DJ's Amanda Louise, Beth Yen, Colin Gaff, Dan Murphy, Dom de Sousa, Mickey & Nate .

Add to that a few sticky surprises and one sexy fun costume crew channeling their inner royal/fairy fantasy or revealing their secret cliche'd/kinky p*rnstar alter ego.

See pics from our friends at Deep Field Photography and Star Observer, or check out the fun in our Photobooth.

Princess & P-rnstars 2018 Event Key Art by 4the.love

Halloween Wh-res '17

Saturday Oct 28, 2017
The Metro Theatre, Sydney

Back for a whole new level of mayhem, sprawling across our entire epic new home, The Metro Theatre, Sydney! Check out the official video teaser.

Our creatures of the night devoured our infamous upside down theatrics across 3 hideously transformed dance spaces, seduced by all 13 of our bloody awesome anthem, chunky and disko house DJ's, including local legends Alex Taylor, Beth Yen, Colin Gaff, Dan Murphy, Dom de Sousa, GI Jode, Hayley Maree (Melbourne), Jim Jam, Joelby (UK), Kate Monroe, Nell'ee Maydit and Sveta... plus introducing our fresh blood DJ Nate! Tasty!

Add to that, big show FX and surprises throughout the night and one of Sydney's most fun dress up crowds too! Checkout the pics from our friends at Deep Field Photography and Photographer Markham Lane.

Halloween Wh-res 2017 Event Key Art by 4the.love

Naughty or Nice '16

Friday Dec 23, 2016
The Kings Cross Hotel, Potts Point

We wanted to help you and your crew wrap up the year with some festive cheer... so we though why not throw our own big gay family Xmas!

It 'twas the night before the night before Xmas.. we decked the halls of our awesome venue, the Kings Cross Hotel - Rooftop to the Bordello Room.

Plus to help you all get your merry on, our fav DJ's GI Jode, Dom de Sousa and Alex Taylor pumped up the joy all night long! Plus there was Xmas giveaways and surprises all night including the very festy Joyce Maynge Xmas tribute show!

Thanks to everyone for making it such a fun family occasion. Check out some of the photos from our fav photographer Mark Dickson at Deep Field Photography.

Naughty or Nice 2016 Event Key Art by 4the.love

Halloween Wh-res '15

Saturday Oct 31, 2015
The Arthouse Hotel, Sydney

Our most thrilling event yet, where our creatures of the night ran amok across the entire Arthouse Hotel venue. Dinosaurs came to life in Jurassic Wh*res, a creepy critter banquet was had in the Morbid Mansion, plus our frightening Attic Asylum and our Merry-Go-Wrong Courtyard set the gruesome scene.

Our whorsters worshipped 9 of Sydney’s best including DJ’s Du Jour, Dan Murphy, Alex Taylor, Jim Jam, GI Jode, Adam Love, Dom de Sousa, Dan Slater and Kate Monroe. Add to that a few twisted freak shows and surprises throughout the night and it was one ripper!

Halloween Wh-res 2015 Event Key Art by 4the.love

Princess & P-rnstars '11

Saturday May 28, 2011
Tone Sydney, Surry Hills

Back by popular demand, and for its 4th year, our sexy princesses and p*rnstars united once more to carve up the dance floor for a night of dress up antics fit for a queen.

With our photo booth, gogo cages and the best uplifting house from Alex Taylor, Dan Murphy, Jason Barry and Troy Cox! Add to that, a seriously saucy (& scary) tribute show by Joyce Maynge and absolutely incredible live vocals from our fav Muma Megs.

Check out our thank you video or see the incredible costumes thanks to our fav photographer Mark Dickson at Deep Field Photography.

Princess & P-rnstars 2011 Event Key Art by 4the.love

Halloween Wh-res '14

Saturday Nov 1, 2014
The Arthouse Hotel, Sydney

The costumes were incredible, as were the 3 hideous spaces. The living dead raised the roof in ZombieLand, vamps and blood suckers alike were drawn to the Fanbangers Lair and the freaks, clowns, bearded ladies and ring masters gathered under the big top for Cirque de Sin.

Tricks aside, the treat was 10 of Sydney’s best, DJ’s Philthy Holster, Dom de Sousa, Adam Cox, Alex Taylor, Dan Murphy, Dan Slater, Beth Yen, GI Jode, Jason Barry and Jim Jam! Add to that, hideous freak shows and twisted surprises galore!

Halloween Wh-res 2014 Event Key Art by 4the.love

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